Frontier Takes Over for Verizon in CA

So I have had Fios for a few years and on April 1st Frontier took over my account. Immediately my phone service stopped working so I can't make or receive calls on my landline. I got a hold of customer service and they indicated I should call back in a few days to see if they had it fixed. Awesome. Why not call me back when you have it fixed so I don't have to waste my time? May be time to find other ISP.

J&P Cycles Sucks

My experience with J&P Cycles has sucked. Don't buy here or at least be wary. My order was supposed to take 5-7 days for delivery. My order has not even shipped 7+ days later. Customer service won't answer the phone and is not responding to my email. If that doesn't deter you consider this, I bought the Gold Club membership and discovered later that there are something like 78-80 vendors that you cannot use the discount with. This is not made clear unless you drill down to the fine print on their website. Additionally, when trying to make a repeat order I have not been able to apply my membership details to the order so no discount, no free shipping, no points, etc. They state that they apply your Gold membership at checkout by matching the billing address you specify with your order to what they have on file. Whatever algorithm they're trying to use appears to be flawed. I can't say for sure since no one responds to email or phone calls though. Waste of time and money. Not sure how a business manages to last for very long with a model like this.

Heller Auto Group - Escondido, CA

Just thought I'd recirculate my review of Heller Auto Group from 2011. You can find the original review here:

And the original copy here:
Heller Auto Group
Car Dealers, Body Shops, Auto Repair 
1717 Auto Park Way 
Escondido, CA 92029 

1.0 star rating 12/24/2011
If I could give these guys less than one star I would. I was going to buy a 2012 Sonata for my wife for Christmas and they tried to screw me. When we went to pick the car up from the lot one of their guys had backed into the bumper causing enough damage to necessitate its replacement. The sales manager tried to get me drive it to "make sure everything else was ok" when in actuality he was trying to get me to take it off the lot in order to have me assume ownership/take delivery. Sleazy. I walked after the manager offered me a key chain + the repair.